Would you like to know who is visiting your website?

Content marketing ROIWhat if you could track each visitor through your website, knowing exactly what they’re reading, downloading or clicking on? Then, after they have progressed through a series of stages, you are presented with their contact details so you or your staff can give them a call – with the confidence that they will take it.

Would that help to grow your financial planning business?

Marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.

If you have a website, you’re almost there

As more and more people are actively seeking independent financial information via the internet before contacting an adviser, by providing quality educational material on your website, your business will benefit from this demand.

I hear you - that’s nothing new.

Now you have to take them to the next step.

You need them to interact with you.

For example, your visitors are directed to a landing page on your site where you tempt them to download your e-book. In that e-book is a link to sign up for an upcoming webinar that takes them further on the journey introduced in the e-book.

The marketing automation program tracks every step through your pre-designed campaign and by taking each step they have given you permission to contact them.

The process has automatically generated a nice, warm lead for you to call.

Remember the position description for your BDM we talked about in my previous post? Here’s a reminder:

  • Must provide new leads – people who already know about your service and want to talk to you;
  • Must not impact on your current resources;
  • Must help to build relationships with existing clients so they do more business with you as well as referring their friends and family to you;
  • Must add value for existing clients by providing information specific to their needs;
  • Must be available to present information to both current and potential clients anywhere and at any time, in a professional and non-intrusive manner;
  • Must be able to deliver a measured Return on Investment.

This achieves the first requirement.

But what about the second requirement – with little impact on your current resources?

Only last month a new client told me “I’ve looked at plenty of these programs but it always comes down to me or my staff having to do all the work”. I had to agree with him but smarter providers know this is the major stress point for financial advisers so we decided to only work with those who will do everything for you. They set up the campaigns, source the content from our library then manage the whole process.

That’s right. It’s not a case of “here, buy our program and good luck”. They will work with you to create a marketing campaign to meet your specific needs, then they will do the rest!

Imagine having a professional marketer that is prepared to work 24/7/365 generating warm leads direct from your website to your team with little impact on your current resources. It’s no longer a dream. See all the details here.

What a great way to grow your business.

Best wishes,


Julianne Pott






Source:  CMO by Adobe http://www.cmo.com/features/articles/2017/2/16/15-mind-blowing-stats-about-marketing-automation

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