Does social media work for financial advisers?

Does social media work for financial advisers?

Since Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and other modes of social media entered the world’s consciousness we have been watching and waiting to see how these forms of instant communication would benefit our clients. We did the same when electronic newsletters (e-news) became hot in the early 2000s. Having started by offering only printed versions of newsletters 18 years ago we also took the time to determine whether and how electronic delivery would best work for our clients. Over the years clients have asked “what’s best for me” when it comes to choosing the right medium.

This is our response...

The excitement of something new
After you’ve been in business a few years and have used the same communication tools to promote your services and educate your clients, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new gizmo. But please remember, these are just TOOLS – the media used to deliver messages to your clients and potential clients.

What we have witnessed over the past few years is that planners and their marketing people are focusing their full attention on the tools and forgetting what message they are trying to deliver. You can use the latest, smartest technology but if the message is not relevant – or even worse, your clients don’t use the same technology – you have completely wasted your time and money.

The Golden Rule
Our experiences have consistently shown us one thing – that the Golden Rule of Communication remains the same. In fact, with so many ways to communicate now, it’s more important than ever. If you’ve become so caught up in the excitement of tweeting, liking and sharing that you’ve forgotten what that rule is, it’s very simple (and it’s the same rule for delivering financial advice) – know thy client.

What media do your clients (and potential clients) use or prefer? The only way to find out what works best for you is to know what works best for them. Some clients might actually prefer an old-fashioned letter delivered to the mailbox on their front fence – sending a tweet or asking them to like you on Facebook could undo all of the great work you do for them as an adviser because they don’t feel that you truly understand who they are.

The final message
When it all comes down to it, your business and ours is based solely on trust. It’s impossible to build a trusting relationship via mass media of any type. Our experience from 15 years of specialising in client communication in the financial services industry is to give the gift of knowledge – educate your clients, show them you care by staying in regular contact and keep asking them what works best for them.

In this world of everything new, use only what works and be consistent. And don’t get distracted with the next new fad until you’ve asked your clients what they think about it.


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