Words of wisdom from a financial pioneer (not us!)

Words of wisdom from a financial pioneer (not us!)

During the past 20 years in the financial services industry we have had the benefit of “sitting at the feet” of financial planners who were the pioneers and keen to share their experiences – both good and bad – about what works and what doesn’t. One of our mentors was one of the most successful planners in Australia and this is just one of the tips he shared with us.

It’s no secret you’re in business to succeed

Does your dentist have rotten teeth? Would you go to a doctor if he looked like he was knocking on Death’s door? No, you seek out professionals who are obviously successful in their fields and practice what they preach. Just like you, people look for financial advisers who exude the financial success they want to achieve. If that’s the case, why do so many advisers like to keep their successes a secret? It’s time to get over the “tall poppy” syndrome and be upfront about your achievements – particularly with your clients.

Success breeds success

A key foundation of financial planning is "know thy client", but what do your clients know about you?

Do you tell your clients about what you’re doing in your business? I know many advisers who understand the value of sharing their successes with their clients but there are many who are too shy to open up about how business is going and what they are planning.

Obviously your clients play an essential role in your business, so why not explain your plans with them and what you see for the future? You can’t do it without your clients so use every possible means to share your ideas and success stories. Use:

1.  your client webinars/seminars – they are the perfect platform;

2.  your e-newsletter – devote a regular section to your practice;

3.  social media – let your followers spread your news; and

4.  review meetings - client review meetings are also about you and your business.

What should you share?

Tell them about your overseas holidays, your classic motorcycle, the great education you're providing for your children or the foundation you're planning to set up… don’t be shy. This will instill confidence in you as their financial adviser and reinforce their good choice.

If anyone appears envious or suspicious about your financial wealth, they may not be the clients you want. Never feel as if you have to belittle yourself to make others feel better.

Everyone loves a good story

There are so many negative stories around that when people hear a positive story, they tell others. Give your clients a good story and they will pass it on… make them want to brag about you to their friends!

Oh and by the way, that’s an excellent way to get better referrals!


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