Educate through uncertainty: Financial advice in a crisis

Educate through uncertainty: Financial advice in a crisis

The first quarter of 2020 will forever be remembered for delivering one of the greatest health and economic shocks of all time. Never have so many people in so many countries experienced such major upheaval to their daily lives at the one time.

And while the media love to focus on the negativity and fear that abounds (and sometimes this is warranted), there is something extremely important your clients and potential clients need to hear from you now…

Grab this opportunity with both hands!

We're hearing it every time we turn on the news, the world is in the grip of financial uncertainty – and possibly, a world-wide recession. But if you venture back through the millennia of history (or ask a scientist) you will learn that order always follows chaos.

Every now and then the world of finance needs a good shake up!

So instead of waiting for it all to pass, take a deep breath and make the most of this incredible opportunity to share what you do know with your clients and contacts. Ignore the speculation and get back to education.

Back to basics

As a financial adviser, you know what the key foundations to financial planning are, but when fear and uncertainty abounds, your clients (and potential clients) tend to forget and panic. There is no better time than now to remind them.

It’s inevitable that there will be major implications from COVID-19 on the financial markets – you can rely on history to prove this as well – but there will always be other opportunities to focus on. Ignore the rhetoric and go back to the basics. Remind your clients of the investment fundamentals and focus their attention on the way forward.

You will eliminate the darkness like a solitary candle.

Educate, don’t speculate

Every form of media, mass and social, is speculating on what could happen next but nobody really knows; it’s called news but most of it is pure speculation.

Share your knowledge with your clients and they will be forever grateful that you are there to rely on during this time of uncertainty.

Here is a great way to start

The Financial Articles Library provides quality educational content to help you empower your clients with sound financial knowledge. Join the library and you will stand out from the crowd – and, more importantly, your clients will benefit too.

Where there is a void, negativity will fill it. Fill that void with knowledge.

Please, please don’t miss this incredible opportunity. Sign up online for immediate access.

Be the person your clients (and potential clients) turn to in times of uncertainty and crisis. 


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