How can you help ease your clients concerns?

How can you help ease your clients concerns?

As we're sure you're all aware, the RBA has raised interest rates for the first time in more than a decade. And with this rise, and the excessively heavy media coverage (in our opinion), your clients may be feeling uneasy or even worried about how this will effect their individual circumstances.

To help put their minds at ease, why not provide some great educational content on the effects of rate rises and how they can better manage their household budgets to ease any mortgage pressure?

Below you'll find a bunch of great articles that would be perfect to include in your next newsletter or blog post:
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HLIR017 What happens when interest rates increase? (546 words)

Borrowers are currently indulging in record low interest rates, but what happens when rates start to rise, and mortgage repayments become unmanageable? This article discusses interest rates of the past and uses a case study to show the importance of stress testing a loan ... Read more


Depositphotos 191834570 SHLIR015 You might be surprised at what really drives interest rates (563 words)

Why do banks decide to increase or decrease interest rates and who influences their decision? This article explains as simply as possible what drives interest rates and why they may be low for the foreseeable future ... Read more


Depositphotos 279680516 SHLG001 Take control of your mortgage (317 words)

Some excellent tips for people looking for the right mortgage product and then reducing it quickly – what to look for and what to be aware of ... Read more


ECO048 The effect of rising inflation (625 words)Depositphotos 191829064 S

This article discusses the effect of rising inflation and its impact on the Australian economy. It includes a list of ways to prepare yourself for a rise in inflation ... Read more 


Depositphotos 243522598 MHLIR009 Fixed? Variable? Or both? (444 words)

An article that clearly explains the pros and cons of fixed and variable rate loans ... Read more


Depositphotos 4719048 SHLG021 Defying mortgage stress (585 words)

This article explains mortgage stress and discusses how people can easily find themselves in too deep when buying a home. It shares the experience of a young couple buying their first home and offers some practical tips for avoiding potential mortgage stress ... Read more


Depositphotos 89111932 SHLG034 Beating morgage stress (546 words)

The great Australian obsession with owning your home has engulfed many families to the point of irreparable credit damage. This article defines mortgage stress, how to deal with it and how to avoid it ... Read more


Depositphotos 124487504 SHLG039 The risk of losing your home (553 words)

With housing prices souring, and mortgages getting larger, have you considered what may happen when interest rates inevitably increase? The unfortunate reality is that many families will face financial distress, rather quickly ... Read more


Depositphotos 92227692 SHLIR016 Managing the transition of your interest-only loan (521 words)

This article addresses potential financial stress caused by the expiry of the interest-only period of IO loans. It uses a case study to explain how these loans work when managed well and then provides some options for borrowers who might not be able to meet increased repayments when the IO period ends ... Read more


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