Is financial literacy the key to a better advice industry?

Is financial literacy the key to a better advice industry?

While scrolling our way through a news feed this past week we came across an ifa blog article discussing the differences between financial advice and financial literacy, and the current role the finance industry plays in educating Australians.

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out >> Financial literacy for a better advice sector

It got us thinking…

If financial advice is a specialist service (and we definitely think it is!), and financial literacy an education issue for society, how can we share the burden, so to speak, with advisers in educating the general public?

And the answer is… 

Financial articles!

By sharing financial articles on your blog, business website, social media, local news publications etc., you are doing your bit to assist in educating everyday Australians and improve their financial literacy. All without leaving your desk!

And… by aiding Australians to be more financially literate, you’re building your potential client base.

After all, “financially literate Australians are far more willing to see the value in advice than those unable to make informed decisions about their money.”

And boosting your profile as an expert in your chosen industry to your local community too.

Win win all round we’d say!

But who has the time to write financially educational articles and blog posts while also attending to their clients and business? 

We do! Save your own time and utilise our financial library for financial articles, infographics, eBooks, quizzes and more!

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