Frequently Asked Questions

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Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you can't find an answer, send an email or give us a call on 1300 654 353. 

How do I download content?

For complete instructions on downloading content as a Word document, read the Download Instructions.

I want to change my password/I've forgotten my password.
  1. Click on “Log in” (top RH corner);
  2. Click on “Forgot your password?” link in the login box;
  3. Type your email address and hit submit;
  4. Follow instructions to reset your password.

You will then be asked to create a new, secure password. Please keep this safe because if you lose it you will have to go through the above process again.

Once you have created your new password, just type in your username and password and you can immediately access the full library.

Can I see a sample of the content available before I join?

As we don't know what you'd like, it's hard for us to choose the perfect samples to show you.

Here's a better idea - if you're looking at signing up for a single office, the monthly fee is just $130. For that you will be able to download 22 pieces of content from the library of your own choosing and use them wherever you wish.  If you don't like what you receive, you can use the money back guarantee and cancel within the first month. No further payments will be required.

If you're looking for a subscription to cover multiple offices or an organisation, please contact us.

What are the terms and conditions of using this service?

You can download and read the terms of use here. Answers to most of the frequently asked questions can be found in this document.

How often is content added and updated?

We add new content usually every week and conduct rolling monthly updates, so the library content is always changing. Latest additions are highlighted on the library index for easy identification. To see when a file was last updated, refer to the File menu data of the Word document.

We do our absolute best but if you do find something that is out of date or contains an error, let us know so we can fix it for you.

Please note that this is not a news service. We provide educational content to help you to enable your clients to make informed decisions about their financial management.

Where is the library index?

If you're not logged in you can find the latest index on this page.

If you are logged in you will find it under the Content tab. 

Is your content compliant?

As every group has different compliance requirements, the benchmark we use for all of our content is ASIC's Regulatory Guides 234 and 244.

Can we edit the articles after we have downloaded them?

Absolutely yes! As a paid subscriber these articles are now yours to do what you wish during your subscription. Many of the articles are very general in nature so you may personalise them to suit your clients.

Can we publish the content into our newsletter/website as is?

We would love to say an unequivocal yes, however in an industry where change is the norm, we highly recommend that your authorised representative or compliance personnel check each article before you publish it because you are taking responsibility for it once you decide to use it. Be assured that we are constantly monitoring the library and update/delete articles as quickly as we can when something changes. If you do find an article that is incorrect or out of date, please send it to us immediately and we will fix it for you or remove it.

Can we publish these articles on our website?

Of course you can, however remember that a lot of this material is subject to regular change, which is why we're constantly checking and updating the articles. If you do choose articles to place on your website, remember to check on them regularly to make sure they're still current. (Please note that you are restricted to how much content you can replicate on your website - see our Terms of Use.)

Can I download the images displayed on this website?

No. The images displayed have been purchased for the sole use of Financial Writers Australia to promote this website only. Downloading or copying any images is strictly prohibited. If you want to publish images with articles you have chosen from this website, you must first purchase these separately from a third party provider. We can recommend an excellent stock image service. Please contact us below for details.

Is there a limit on how much content we can download?

Sadly, we have had to impose download restrictions due to former subscribers abusing our service.

Given that the content is made available for marketing your own business and cannot be used to replicate the library, illegally share content or other purposes outlined in our Terms of Use, a download limit is set dependent on the subscription chosen. Once a limit has been reached, the monthly subscriber's access will be frozen until the next monthly payment is received; or 28 business days for an annual subscriber. Please read the Terms of Use carefully, particularly under "Prohibited Actions" and "Reasonable usage".

If you have mistakenly downloaded multiple copies of the same article which has inadvertently pushed your downloads up to the limit, please contact us and we will fix this for you.

Why can't I find any articles related to Government budget announcements/fiscal policy?

Due to their time-sensitivity we are unable to store current topics related to/affected by Australian Government budget announcements in the library. 

Is any of the content protected by copyright?

Paying subscribers are free to use any of the content in the library without acknowledging the Financial Writers Australia. You can publish content as is or make any changes you wish. Where content refers to specific data, the sources will be noted for your reference to enable you to confirm/update if required.

[Special Note: always be careful when you use information from any other websites, as ALL information is protected by copyright law unless the owner of the material gives you written permission to reprint it.]

I have subscribed but I can't download a file from the library.

You must log in before you can download the articles. Click on "Login" at the top of the screen. If you have lost your login details, click on "Login" and click "Forgot password" and follow the prompts. As soon as you log in, you have access to all of the articles.

If you have logged in but cannot download, it means you have exceeded your download limit and your access will be frozen as per your subscription time (see above).

I get an error message when I try to log in.

Sometimes your browser will hold old data/links so you have to clear your cache which forces it to reload the most current website page.

For PC users, simply hold down Ctrl and hit F5 key.

For Mac users, it will depend on your browser how this is done. Each one is different.

How can I pay for my subscription?

Subscriptions are paid monthly by automatic direct instalments from your bank account or credit card, which is set up when you join. If you choose the annual option, this is also paid by direct debit from the account or card you nominate on your application. Ezidebit charges a small processing fee for each payment processed over which we have no control.

You will have full access as soon as your application has been approved and payment made. The payment process is automatically done when you subscribe via the website (see Library Access). 

The monthly subscription is not a lock-in contract. If you wish to cancel your subscription, just give us at least 10 days' written notice before your next payment is due and your payments and subscription will cease immediately.

Annual subscriptions are renewed by invoice and you can choose to renew each year or let your subscription expire with no future obligation.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

The “Risk-Free Guarantee” is available only to new subscriptions (businesses/individuals who have not subscribed to the library service at any time in the past) and that are paid monthly using the Ezidebit direct payment service.

The first payment paid to FWA will be refunded to the subscriber if the registered contact advises FWA by email at least three business days before the second scheduled payment is taken. All future payments will immediately cease and access to the library cancelled.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you wish to cancel, remember that there is a dedicated, hard-working team of humans behind this service so please be nice. Just like you, we don't like to lose clients, so any constructive feedback is always appreciated.

Just give us at least 5 days' written notice before your next payment is due and payments will cease immediately.

Annual subscriptions are renewed by invoice and you can choose to renew each year or tell us you no longer need the service and your account will be closed.

The website link shown as a source in an article won't work

We do our best to check all links in all articles but sometimes website addresses change or are removed by the site's owner. To overcome this problem in many cases we include just the home website address (ie. not the whole link) and the title of the report or page. This allows you to go to that site and confirm the required information via a search on that site.

There is no source shown for data quoted in an article

Articles that include specific data include reference sources. However in some cases the source of the content is the writer's own professional knowledge and there is no external source available.

I have downloaded an article with figures/words in red type

We are constantly updating the library but we could miss a figure. To provide a second level of protection, sometimes we highlight information that regularly changes for you to double-check.

If I pay monthly, can I have tax invoices?

Ezidebit will not provide this service (we have asked numerous times!). However, we can provide a manual invoice at the end of each financial year. If you require this, please contact us and request an FY invoice.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes, we most certainly do! We take the privacy of our clients very seriously. Read our full policy statement here.

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