70% of consumers prefer content over ads!

70% of consumers prefer content over ads!

70% of consumers say they prefer to learn about a product or service through content rather than traditional advertising.


Content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less. 62% less!


Did you know the average consumer views 5,000 ads every single day?

That's a lot of noise! As a consumer, education through quality information (like articles!) is still king. 

57% of content downloads generate leads with the highest conversion rates.

This statistic makes perfect sense since quality content is what your targeted audience wants and needs. So give them what they want!

But what are some of the biggest challenges when it comes to content and email marketing—Does lack of content sound familiar?

Let's face it, who has the time to write financially educational articles and blog posts while also attending to their clients and business?

We do! Save your own time and utilise our financial library for financial articles, infographics, eBooks, quizzes and more!

ASIC compliant, well written and thought out content ready for you to distribute to your clients and potential clients. >> www.financialwriters.com.au 

Game changer right there! 




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