6 simple tips to improve your writing

6 simple tips to improve your writing

Texting, email and social media have caused a decline in the quality of how people write.

To help you to achieve more from what you write, we've put together 6 simple tips to get your written message across more effectively:

1. Avoid using judgemental language and don't be unnecessarily negative. There's already too much negativity in our world - stand out from the crowd with your optimism.  

2. Use short paragraphs and sub-headings to give your readers an "eye breather". Long paragraphs will quickly tire the reader, causing them to skim and miss important points. 

3. Even if you are proud of your extensive vocabulary, use short, simple words in place of lengthy, clever words.  

4. Always read your writing aloud. Listen to how your message sounds "out there", not just in your head. Amazingly, when read aloud, words can sometimes convey a totally different message. This practice also helps to improve the flow of your words, making your message even clearer.  

5. If you have a difficult message to send, write (type) it out and let it sit for a few hours, or even better, overnight. Go back and read it with fresh eyes before sending it. I can guarantee that you will make changes.  

6. If you want action, ask for it – never assume!

Here's to more successful writing!


We hope these tips have helped. Take some time to linger longer and check out the great financial content available in this library to make your client communication a breeze.

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