Content is King! Just ask Bill Gates

Content is King! Just ask Bill Gates

We've all heard the iconic quote, 'Content is King' hashed out by many a marketer - you can thank Bill Gates for the term originally.

Yet as much as we're over hearing it, producing quality content and information to utilise online continues to be a great marketing strategy some 20+ years after Bill first penned those words. 

Your clients and prospective clients head online for one of two reasons:

  1. To check their email; and
  2. To search the web for, you guessed it, information.

How did the internet receive its reputation as the 'information super highway'? Because that was its primary purpose - to communicate and share information.

And... what do financial articles contain? Information! That's right.

And with our internet history lesson over, what does this all have to do with you?

You, your website, blog and social media accounts need to be the suppliers of the quality information your clients, and prospective clients, are searching for. It's really that simple.

Providing quality content and relevant information online builds trust and encourages your prospective client to see you (and your brand) as 'the expert' in your chosen field.

And by building a relationship with a prospective client online you shorten the prospect lifecycle. The prospective client is likely to become a client much quicker, as they feel they already know you, having built trust and a relationship online before you ever met.

Ensuring the content you provide is correct, well-written and compliant (let's not forget that one!) guarantees a client/prospective client will come back time and time again to you - their trusted source of intelligent and reliable information. Isn't it amazing how powerful a little financial article can be to build your business?

Why should you use articles as one of your marketing strategies? Why wouldn't you?!

As Bill Gates said 'Content is King'!

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