7 ways to utilise financial articles

7 ways to utilise financial articles

Successful financial services businesses continually apply innovative marketing strategies and tactics to differentiate themselves and stand out from their peers.

Two great strategies to market your financial business are positioning and relationship building. And, did you know that a fantastic way to utilise both of these strategies is article marketing?

Is it the only way to utilise positioning and relationship building? No. However, it is an excellent step in the right direction.

Let's face it. It takes so much time and effort to write an informative (and compliant!) financial article, so many don't bother to do it.

So why should you utilise article marketing as one of your marketing methods? Here are 7 great reasons:

  1. It is pretty simple. People love to deal with the best. Effectively marketing articles to promote your knowledge and financial prowess assists in positioning you as an expert in your field. 

  2. Using what we spoke about above, let's cut to the chase. As an expert, you can justifiably charge more for your services or advice.

  3. If the information in your articles is well written, relevant to the reader and marketed well, it can spread from client to prospect exceptionally easily. Ultimately driving new business your way with minimal effort on your part. 

  4. A big part of Internet marketing, of course, has to do with Search Engines like Google. Therefore we must give them the attention they demand. And guess what Search Engines love? Content like articles! So while many may spend thousands trying to improve their SEO or attempting to beat the ever-changing Search Engine algorithms, one tactic holds true, search engines love articles.

  5. Clients, prospective clients, the general public... everyone loves to be, and feel, well informed. It assists with our decision making, and makes us feel more confident and secure in our purchases. The articles you market can effectively serve as the information they seek. And who better to go to for financial services or financial advice than the expert adviser, accountant or broker, that provided the information in the first place.

  6. Plus, financial articles can be used in various ways across all your marketing efforts. For example:
    - They can form the basis of your regular company newsletter;
    - They can be used on your company blog or an online networking site such as LinkedIn;
    - They can become the basis for a video for your YouTube channel or a exclusive webinar for clients;
    - Multiple articles can be combined into an eBook and gifted to your clients/prospects for joining your mailing list;
    - Key ideas or statements can be used as social media posts or turned into social media images;
    - Articles can be provided to local print media as expert guest pieces written by you and printed in your local newspaper or online news outlet. Growing your expert persona further!
    - And we could go on and on and on.

  7. Articles, when appropriately marketed, are such an easy way to stay in touch with clients and demonstrate your expertise. Did you know that it takes around seven touches on average before a prospect buys into your product or service? So why not use articles as some of these touchpoints, whether it's via an email marketing funnel, a local newspaper article, a social media post, anything... and boost your profile as a financial expert, while building trust with a prospect before you've even met.

We've all been told time and time again that we live in an age where information is king. And you're lucky enough to be an expert in a field that others would be interested in learning more about. (Who doesn't want to know how to retire comfortably? Who doesn't want to know how to save on their tax? Who doesn't want the best value home loan?)

Share what you know via article marketing, and you'll be amazed at the results! 

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