5 blog post ideas your clients will LOVE!

5 blog post ideas your clients will LOVE!

Every week or month when it’s time to write your next blog post, do you feel like the blinking cursor on the blank screen is teasing you? “C’mon” it blinks, “start writing! I’m ready!” But your fingers remain as still as your imagination? Don’t worry, we write for a living and we all suffer from writer’s block at some stage. You’re definitely not alone. So we thought we’d share some ideas that might help you get the creative juices flowing.

Here are five ideas to make blogging effortless and that your clients will love!

1. Read a good book lately?

A book review is a great way to start your next post. If it was a business book, pick out a few tips to share (but remember to put them in your own words). Or if it was a “can’t-put-down” thriller, write what you loved about it (without giving away the twist!). You might also be able to tie what you’ve written into your business if it’s appropriate. 

2.  Share a good news story

If a client or staff member has recently had something wonderful happen in their life, write about it. Maybe a client gave you a glowing testimonial about how you helped them - tell their story (anonymously obviously!). Or a staff member might spend their spare time helping others in your local community. Don't keep that a secret! (with their permission, of course) Even if it’s nothing to do with your service, everyone loves to hear a good news story.

3.  Wave your flag

Has your business reached a significant milestone? For example, a 5 or 10 year anniversary? Your clients will love to know. It increases their confidence in you, reinforcing your experience not only as an adviser, but as a successful business operator. If you have a success story, shout it from the rooftops – or your blog!

4.  Encore, encore!

Have a look back through your blog archive, find the most popular (and still relevant) post you’ve written and give it another run. Not many people will read further than one page of posts so they might miss out on something of great interest or relevance to their current situation. Refresh and republish.

5.  Educate your clients

We left this one to last because it’s the most obvious. When it comes to financial planning, this is what your blog is for. What’s on everyone’s lips lately? What’s the media beating up? Pick a topic and apply your knowledge to ensure your clients are getting the right picture. Remember to write it in simple English or maybe develop a story around the topic (i.e. case study).

If you’re stuck for ideas or looking for already written articles on a vast array of financial topics, choose one from the Financial Content Library – you’ll never have to worry about writer’s block again!

We hope these ideas have reinvigorated your blog writing and given you an abundance of new topics to share with your clients.

One final idea? Check out the great content available on our site to make sure your blog is always current. The content is available to be downloaded and shared with your clients when you join. How much time and effort would that save you?


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