3 highly effective marketing strategies for financial planners

After years of answering similar questions about the best ways to use content in marketing campaigns, I finally got smart and wrote a book containing the answers!

Available as an e-book, "3 Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for Financial Planners" explains in simple steps how to use educational content to build a financial planning practice... and  achieve a better return on your marketing spend.

The book covers:

  • Regular communication using e-newsletters;
  • How to easily create and maintain a blog to keep your website current;
  • How lead generation works.

All might sound like very basic ideas, but based on the questions I regularly receive, there is still a lot of confusion when it comes to how to implement campaigns using these activities. Even if you already have a regular e-news or blog, there might be something new to learn to make your content marketing more effective.

If you would like some clear direction on one or all of these strategies, please download the e-book from our website here. It's free.

And if you have any questions after that, please don't hesitate to give me a call.

Best wishes,


Julianne Pott
Managing Director

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