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Educate don't speculate

If there’s one thing the majority of adult Australians don’t want to hear more of it's politics! You are probably over it all too, so I’ll leave the speculation to the mass media.

There is something far more important your clients and potential clients need to hear from you now…

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Why bother with a client newsletter?

client newsletters

Would you believe that the success or failure of a business may come down to the humble newsletter?

Don’t believe me? Read on!

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A communication tip from ... Dr Hook!

client engagementI had a somewhat solemn conversation with an experienced and well-established financial planner recently. He believed that there was so much information available “out there” that there was little point in adding to it by way of sending news to his clients and prospective clients.

I agreed wholeheartedly with the first part of his comment. With blogs and social media now playing the role of 24-hour media outlets, we all get overwhelmed with the constant flow of information.

But I offered him a point which I asked him to take time to seriously ponder: “if you are not one of the sources your clients and potential clients rely on for their financial education, they’re going to get it elsewhere - and they will forget about you”.

Dr Hook says it best...

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