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A communication tip from ... Dr Hook!

client engagementI had a somewhat solemn conversation with an experienced and well-established financial planner recently. He believed that there was so much information available “out there” that there was little point in adding to it by way of sending news to his clients and prospective clients.

I agreed wholeheartedly with the first part of his comment. With blogs and social media now playing the role of 24-hour media outlets, we all get overwhelmed with the constant flow of information.

But I offered him a point which I asked him to take time to seriously ponder: “if you are not one of the sources your clients and potential clients rely on for their financial education, they’re going to get it elsewhere - and they will forget about you”.

Dr Hook says it best...

If you're a fan of that crazy band from the 70s, Dr Hook, like me you will love their ballad, "If not you". (Sadly after so many decades, I still know all the words). Singers, Dennis and Ray, ask some interesting questions, albeit a tad chauvinistic, such as "who's going to iron my shirts?", but the most important question is, "who's going to stay on my mind the whole day through, if not you?"; or more appropriate to this discussion - "who's going to stay on your clients' minds, if not you?".

Seriously though...

Anyone can write a blog and say whatever they like. They can write about the best places to invest, how to beat the sharemarket, how to get rich using SMSFs to invest in property, etcetera, etcetera. Bloggers can make outlandish statements usually with very little consequence. They can create panic with one headline and if they write convincingly enough, can sound like they know what they’re talking about. They become the “financial expert” in their readers’ – or your clients’ – minds.

It can be difficult these days to keep people’s attention for any longer than a few minutes so what you are giving your clients to read must be pertinent and interesting to them.

But to go to the other extreme and think it’s easier to leave it to other sources (including other financial planners) to keep your clients updated on what is affecting their financial future, is a sure recipe for disaster.

If not you, who?

As long as your clients hear from you at least once every 90 days, YOU stay on their mind. They know they can continue to rely on you to be there. You are their expert and the one they tell their friends about.

It doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming to maintain regular communication. Our clients know how easy it is to be the expert in their clients' eyes by regularly keeping them updated.

The bottom line is that regardless of where you get the copyright-free material you use to educate your clients, make sure it is coming from you.

Best wishes,


Julianne Bell


I hope these tips have helped. Take some time to linger longer and check out the great content available in our Financial Articles Library to make your client communication a breeze. Articles are available to be downloaded and shared with your clients when you join (see Full Access Here tab above). How much time and effort would that save you?

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