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Fast Financial Facts

These articles are short reminders (under 100 words) on financial topics that you can use as fillers for your newsletters, in social media, or at the bottom of your emails.


FFF023 More equity = lower rate (100 words)


This fast fact explains the effect holding more equity has on a mortgage interest rate. It highlights the opportunity for people with more equity in their property to get lower interest rates.

FFF022 House sharing? Here's a good tip. (95 words)


This article outlines 2 reasons why utility bills should be held in joint names.

FFF021 A budget is your guide to success (100 words)


A short but important reminder for your small business clients to regularly compare actual results to budgets.

FFF019 MyDeductions app makes tax time easier (99 words)


The ATO offers an app for smart devices to record receipts to make tax time easier for individuals and sole traders. A great time-saving idea for your clients.

FFF017 Aged care services fee estimator (92 words)


The Australian Government has a fee estimator for aged care costs on its Aged Care website. This helpful fast fact shows your readers where to find it and briefly explains what it covers.

FFF016 Want to pay 0% interest? Read the fine print. (99 words)


This fast fact highlights two often overlooked aspects of credit card balance transfer deals.

FFF013 Staying smart online (98 words)


This fast fact informs your readers of an excellent service provided by the Australian government to educate and alert people about current threats to their internet security to help reduce the high incidence of fraud.

FFF011 Know your limits (98 words)


This fast fact warns your readers that it’s the LIMIT on their credit cards that is taken into account when applying for loans, not the balance. It is an often misunderstood fact.

FFF009 A quick business tax check (86 words)


This fast fact asks your readers five questions to determine if their business activities could impact on their personal tax situation.

FFF007 Happiness = income $100 - expenditure $99 (96 words)


A quick reminder that to save you simply spend less than you earn. A prompt to do a budget.

FFF006 Giving vs borrowing. Which is best? (98 words)


A quick tip that it’s sometimes better to teach your children about money by not giving it to them.

FFF005 What is your most valuable asset? (99 words)


A quick reminder about the importance of income protection insurance.

FFF002 When cash costs more (96 words)


A warning about using credit cards for cash withdrawals.

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