Folder Estate Planning - General

Estate Planning - General

These articles have a general focus on Estate Planning.


FINP052 Why seeing a financial adviser could be your best Christmas gift (290 words)

EST059 Avoid an inheritance headache (655 words)

EST058 To be or not to be the Executor (415 words)

EST057 Where’s your ‘In Case of Emergency’ file? (538 words)

EST054 Empowering yourself to go above and beyond (596 words)

EST053 Placing your family wealth in trust (498 words)


EST052 Ensuring your voice is heard (604 words)

EST051 Is a DIY Will kit enough? (500 words)

EST050 Protecting your estate (431 words)

EST049 Who pays your debts after you die? (530 words)

EST043 Has your life changed recently? (408 words)

EST042 The tax effect on deceased estates (646 words)

EST039 A legacy isn't just about money (422 words)

EST038 Estate planning - the basic essentials (482 words)

EST034 The tale of two brothers (564 words)

EST030 Is your will still relevant? (625 words)

EST029 How will an inheritance affect your children? (579 words)

EST028 Different assets create different outcomes (538 words)

EST018 Managing an inheritance (391 words)

EST011 How testamentary trusts work (352 words)


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