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ACTIVATE is an end-to-end business development solution combining cutting-edge technology with ongoing human support.

Please answer this question honestly: would you like to regularly receive a list of names of people who are already interested in seeking your advice that you and your team can contact with full confidence?

This world-leading marketing automation service will do exactly that!

Having worked in a busy financial planning practice, I personally understand the demands on everyone’s time. I started this business 18 years ago to remove the burden on Principals or staff having to write their own newsletters. It’s been a great success.

But now all these years later, as workloads continually increase, providing content alone to your clients is just not enough.

The content must work harder for you.

It must build your business via your current clients AND attract a steady flow of new, potential business – and do this without requiring more time and resources.

Impossible? Not any more.

I’ve seen and experimented with many different email marketing programs and most are good – BUT – they all demand your time. You still have to sift through readership reports to see who's reading your content to determine what your next step is. So when I heard about Bob Blurton's ACTIVATE service, I thought it was just another one of these programs.

I was wrong - it does so much more.

The service uses marketing automation that is available to everyone but Bob got my full attention when he told that HIS TEAM DOES MOST OF THE WORK FOR YOU!

Sure, you have to provide your data and be part of the initial planning process to ensure your message content is pertinent to your clients and prospects - but after that’s done you hand over the ongoing management to the ACTIVATE team.

The outcome?

You will regularly receive the names of people who have already shown an interest in talking to you. All you have to do is contact them.

Who delivers ACTIVATE?

A team of three providers with a combined experience of over 70 years in business:

Management Consultant

Your General Manager

Bob Blurton has worked in the financial planning Industry for over 30 years supporting advisers. He has helped many overcome the trials and tribulations of working in this highly regulated industry to achieve extraordinary results.


Design & Marketing Provider


is a design and marketing specialist firm. Emmovations designs results-driven email campaigns, which are delivered using a leading marketing automation platform.

Content Provider

Financial Writers Australia

experienced financial specialists writing content for financial advisers since 2000.

Find out how this will work for you

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Let us do all the hard work for you.

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