We’ve all heard about how body language can have a major impact on the words we actually speak out loud. How many times have you heard someone say one thing but their body conveys a distinctly different message? Well, the same goes for writing. The way we write, our choice of words and how they are phrased can deliver an entirely different message to our readers than we’d originally intended.

Recently, I came across some interesting facts about how our use of words or phrases can inadvertently turn a positive message into a negative one. For example, if you want to remind your readers of something, the word “remember” creates a more positive reaction than “don’t forget”.

But what about words that create an instant like or dislike? As you read the words below, be conscious of how each one makes you feel.

 Are you feeling good inside?

 Now try these…

I’d better stop now because I think you get the message!

The words in both categories can be used when writing about financial management. When delivering news of any type, good or bad, choose your words carefully.

To finish on a lighter note, think of your favourite word. Mine is delightful – it always makes me feel… delightful! laughing

Best wishes,

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