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Folder Smart Financial Habits

Smart Financial Habits

This is a series of short articles (approximately 150 words) written to share financial wisdom to help create good financial habits from a young age.

Focused on the Millennial Generation, each article starts with "If I was 25 again, I would..." and is written in the adviser's voice.



SFH007 If I was 25 again, I would... be wary of investment fads (152 words)

SFH006 If I was 25 again, I would pay more attention to my super (148 words)

SFH005 If I was 25 again I would pay extra on my mortgage (147 words)

SFH004 If I was 25 again I would buy less stuff (148 words)

SFH003 If I was 25 again, I would buy a pre-loved car (150 words)

SFH002 If I was 25 again, I would pay off my credit card in full every month (146 words)

SFH001 If I was 25 again, I would... love budgeting! (156 words)

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